Bohemian Oil Can Bass Guitar Electric Limeade

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Bohemian Oil Can Bass Guitar Electric Limeade

Novo blago brez poškodb s polno garancijo. Lahko da je bilo že odprto in vrnjeno ali pa je zavito v nadomestni embalaži, drugačn

Oil can Series Bass. A Bohemian bass guitar’s hollow metal body interacts with our custom magnetic pickups to create new ranges of harmonic tones and a richer, more original sound. The responsive nature of the metallic body also allows players to use percussive acoustic techniques to achieve sounds that are not possible on any other electric guitar. Constructed with an extended tenon design, the neck extends to the end of the can. The internal wood structure inside of the body creates exceptional balance and weight distribution, so these guitars always rest comfortably. The removable back panel, very unique to Bohemian Bases, gives easy access to the entire interior of the guitar body. Our innovative design leads to an equally distinctive tone. Made from sustainably sourced maple wood, the neck and fretboard offer smooth and ergonomic playing for every note. The original Bohemian hollow body oil can design offers great resonance and unmatched responsiveness. Internal wood bracing gives the guitar durability without compromising its hollow body sound, and a through-body neck design ensures a stable playing experience. The base of each Bohemian body features small rubber knobs that serve as a built-in stand for the guitar when it’s not being played, while the removable lid gives the body and authentic oil can feel and offers convenient pick storage. All Bohemian basses utilize chrome hardware, including tuning machine head 2R 2L tuners with removable keys, a Hardtail Topload bridge, and strap buttons. This model features 2x single coil pickups. Finish: Electric Limeade

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