G-Lab True Bypass Wah-Pad TBWP

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G-Lab True Bypass Wah-Pad TBWP

True Bypass Wah-Pad (TBWP) is a full analog device that makes the use of wah-wah type effects more comfortable. Using a traditional wah-wah effect requires switching it ON and OFF, which forces the player to perform an additional operation during which playing is not possible. The wah-pad eliminates this operation. Since now enough is to place a foot on a wah-wah effect - to switch it on and remove a foot – to switch it off (not important is position the wah-wah effect pedal is left). To bypass wah-wah effect the wah-pad enables straight wiring from the effect input jack through the wah-pad switch to the effect output jack, with no connection to the wah-wah effect circuit (True Bypass). So using it eliminates any influence of the wah-wah effect onto a guitar tone when the wah-wah effect is not used. Wah-wah effect should be placed onto the wah-pad and the connectors should be connected. The wah-wah effect power switch should be set to active position and later – blocked at this position by the element being a part supplied with the wah-pad. Similarly to other G LAB devices the casing of the TBWP is powder coated. The wah-pad is supplied from included 9V internal battery or an external power supply adapter.

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True bypass


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