Ganzo G7211-GR

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Ganzo G7211-GR

Folding knife with satin stainless steel blade. The size of the knife is compact enough to carry it in a pocket. This model is good for urban use, and will be useful for fishermen, hunters and other fans of active leisure time outside the city. Ganzo 7211 knife is designed to be used in different situations: during fishing, hunting or hiking as well as in urban areas. Its small sizes and ergonomic form of the handle are the best for the knife to be an integral part of outfit that you take every time you go in the country. Manufacturers chose 440C stainless steel as the material for the blade of this knife. This alloy contains manganese, silicon and chromium that increase high metal strength and add anticorrosion properties. Hardness of Ganzo 7211 knife reaches 58-60 units in accordance with Rockwell scale. The knife is sharp for a long time and can be used with different materials. Manufacturers sharpened it with universal straight sharpening, and the blade surface is grinded with satin. This type of the blade surface treatment makes the knife semi-gloss, and small line design from the grinded material is formed on its surface. The handle is made of combined material: stainless steel and G10 composite plastic. This combination allowed to achieve high strength, resistance to any type of corrosion. Weight: 135 g, Colour: Green

Parametri in specifikacija


135 g

Material rezila

440 C

Trdota jekla

58-60 HRC

Dolžina rezila

8,5 cm

Debelina rezila

3 mm

Ročaj material



20 cm

Dolžina zaprtega noža

11,5 cm

Število funkcij




Sistem zaklepanja

Snap Lock



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