Ganzo Multi-Tool G112

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Ganzo Multi-Tool G112

A full-seized multi-task tool with all necessary characteristics. Absolutely all elements of the multi-tool are made of 3Cr13 steel. The characteristics of the alloy are similar to a popular brand of 440A, but it is harder (about 57HRC), that allows the blades to remain sharp for longer time. Since this type of steel has good rust resistance, tools made of it will be perfect for fishermen and travelers. Pliers are the main tool in arrangement of the Ganzo G112 multi-tool. They are strong enough to be able to do serious work. This toll also has a function of cutting-pliers, firm grip of flat and circular-shape objects. The jaws of pliers are always slightly opened because they are biased. The multi-tool handles are also the handles for this tool. They serve as a case for the folded pair of pliers and a place to store other instruments. The kit includes two knives: with straight and serrated cutting edge, an awl, a ruler, a bottle opener for cans and bottles, a crusiform screw-driver and two flat screw-drivers. Moreover, the kit includes nine replaceable heads for screw-drivers and a magnetic adapter for them. All heads are stored in separate nets of the common organizer. They can be folded together with the multi- tool in the nylon case, which is also sold together with the multi-tool. Weight: 206 g. Length of the folded tool: 10.5 cm. Length of the unfolded tool: 16.5 cm. Color: Silver.

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