Hama uRage Cyberboard Premium 113755

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Hama uRage Cyberboard Premium 113755

Metal gaming keyboard that is ideal for FPS, RTS, RPG and MMO games. Turn night into day with uRage Illuminated: night vision mode with different illumination effects for quick reactions in the dark and anti-ghosting effect for ingenious key combinations. It features precision stroke for extreme input speed and fast reaction times, high-quality surface made of brushed metal, anti-ghosting effect - no lock so that several keys can be pressed simultaneously, illumination in RGB colours (different illumination modes) with on/off option, Win lock function, night vision mode - full control also in the dark due to backlit keys. Full concentration on the ennemy - no need to search the keys in the dark. Operating system: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, Colour: Black

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