Shimano Sahara C2000S FI

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Shimano Sahara C2000S FI

The new Sahara is a powerful spinning reel with unparalleled durability at its price point. Incorporating X-Ship and HGN Gearing in its G-Free Body it offers performance and value that will appeal to novice and experienced anglers alike. 4 ball bearings and one roller bearing ensure smooth operation.


  • Capacity: 0.14 mm/145 m
  • Weight: 220 g
  • Transmision: 6:1
  • Retrieve per crank: 79 cm
  • Maximum drag: 3 kg


  • Varispeed - normal oscillation systems use a constant rotation of the oscillation gear that, when translated to the cam, provides an inconsistent spool speed. This results in line lay that stacks at either end of the spool. By using an oval oscillation gear, we are able to alter the speed of the oscillation cam to provide a consistent spool speed. This results is an even line lay that provides excellent castability and manageability
  • AR-C spool - the new V-shaped spool design allows unwinding of the line from the reel in smaller loops, resulting in much longer and more accurate casting, while minimizing the risk of line tangling thanks to its shaped edge
  • Cold Forged Spool - cold forged aluminum coils. This forging process produces a lightweight coil with higher strength and abrasion resistance
  • X-Ship - a powerful, high-speed drive wheel, highly efficient power transmission, super-smooth pinion running on both sides in ball bearings
  • G Free Body - The oscillating mechanism of the worm shaft, which rotates the winch handle to the rearward motion of the reel, has been moved to the top of the reel body. This puts the winch center of gravity closer to the rod, greatly reducing fishing fatigue and improving casting comfort
  • HGN Gear - The Hagan drive wheel is made with Shimano cold forging technology, without the need for additional machining. This state-of-the-art technology ensures the long-lasting smooth running, strength, lightness and performance of any reel

Parametri in specifikacija

Velikost role / špule




Prestavno razmerje


Kapaciteta špule

0,14mm - 145m / 0,16mm - 105m / 0,18mm - 80m


220 g


3 kg


79 cm

Rezervna špula




Material špule

Cold Forged Aluminium


Single Machined Aluminium

Vodoodporna zavora


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