Comply Isolation 600 M

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Comply Isolation 600 M

From the everyday music listener to the audiophile musician, Comply's Isolation 600 series premium earphone tip replacement knows how clear sound is important to you. Founded by a chronic inventor and veritable sound scientist, Hearing Components has an unrelenting passion for hearing. With a deep understanding of the ear canal, Comply has worked tirelessly to craft an earbud that just makes sense. Isolation Series earbud tips have one thing in mind: your listening experience. Whether you're pounding the pavement and getting in a quick jog or you're riding a long commute at the back of the bus, we know you want to hear the music instead of your squeaky sneakers or a bus-mate's conversation. The first thing you'll notice upon slipping in a Comply-clad earbud is that your music sounds better. But why? Isolation 600 earbud tips are engineered to seal out ambient noise and lock in your tunes. Without white noise infiltrating whatever you're listening to, your music will sound cleaner, crisper, and just better. Our patented viscoelastic memory foam expands to stuff every nook of your ear canal with the perfect body heat-activated seal. Medium: 12.45 mm ± 0.50 mm (0.490" ± 0.020").

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