Pearl EXX725SBR Export EXX Jet Black

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Pearl EXX725SBR Export EXX Jet Black

Drum set from Pearl Export Series. Crafted to capture the looks, sound, and feel of top end gear at an accessible price. After 30 years of being the best selling drum set in the world, Export Series is still the name every drummer knows. Having jumpstarted thousands of drumming careers by bringing quality and value into one package, today's Export continues to build legends. Pearl Export is great value for money drum set, for a beginner or an intermediate drummer out there.

Pearl’s Export Series drums offer a sonically advanced recipe of strategically arranged plies of premium wood to maximize frequency response of every component. As with all Pearl drums, each shell is formed from our legendary SST construction process that uses extreme heat, Precision-cut scarf joints, our proprietary Acoustiglue and over 450 kg of hydraulic pressure to create the ultimate acoustic air chamber.

  • Shells: 6 ply, 7,5 mm Poplar and Asian Mahogany
  • Snare: 14" x 5,5" Wood Snare
  • Bass drum: 22" x 18"
  • Tom tom: 10" x 7", 12" x 8"
  • Floor tom: 16" x 16"
  • Hardware: chrome
  • Package included: 830 Series Hardware - BC-830 Boom stand, C-830 Cymbal stand, S-830 Snare Drum stand, H-830 Hi-Hat stand, P-930 Drum Pedal and Sabian SBr cymbals Pack - 14" Hi-Hat, 16" Crash, 20" Ride
  • Heads: Remo Clear Tom Head, Powerstroke Bass Head
  • Tom mounts: Opti-Loc Mounting System
  • Tom arms: TH701
  • Colour: Black

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