Xiaomi Mi Robot Builder Rover

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Xiaomi Mi Robot Builder Rover

Modular coding toy. With 978 blocks and various parts - wheels, speakers, chains - various structures can be built to come to life. A safe toy for children and adults, all parts and blocks are made of eco-friendly material.

  • Custom balancing system
  • Wireless control by smartphone
  • Modular graphic programming
  • multiprocessors
  • Management architecture framework
  • Cortex Mx 32-bit processor
  • Long battery life - up to 12 hours

The Mi Robot Builder main engine is powered by a CPU processor and its own operating system that allows the robot to perform perfectly coordinated actions. It also comes with four USB Type C ports that provide power and interface with other components. Thanks to the inverted pendulum algorithm, the finished structure is stable enough to be held upright and can move forward while carrying up to 3 kg.

Mi Robot Builder uses two high-speed engines with speeds up to 170 rpm. Rotational torque is up to 25N.cm. In an upright position, the finished structure is able to carry an object weighing 3 kg. The engine has a built-in photoelectric sensor to allow the robot to accurately determine speed and direction. The sensor also switches the motor to sleep mode, which prevents excessive load on the motor.

The robot has intelligent control without a computer connection. A comprehensive command code can be downloaded to your robot directly from your smartphone, or programmed through a series of Mi Robot Builder tutorials.

Technical parameters:

Processor: ARM Cortex Mx
Frequency: 108MHz
Internal memory: 32MB
Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4 GHz sensor, Wi-Fi Type-C adapter
Battery: 11.1 V / 18.3 Wh lithium battery
Adapter: 14 V / 5 V plugs out
Motors: 2x Servo Motor
Sensors: Enhanced Interface Sensor Support, Wireless SensorSupport Extension, Gyro Sensor, Infrared Sensor - External (not included), Ultrasonic Sensors - External (not included), Color Sensor - External (not included)
Software: Remote Smart Phone Control, Voice Recognition, Remote Control Using Gyroscope, Programmable, Smart Phone Programmable

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