Golden Age Project COMP-3A

Dinamični procesorji (kompresor, limiter, gate) | Koda izdelka: COMP-3A | ID: 241147

Golden Age Project COMP-3A

Single-channel vintage-style compressor that was inspired by the solid-state classic compressor/levelling amplifier LA-3A. At its core is the T4 electro-optical attenuator with its unique sound and compression characteristics and a very smooth, natural and program dependent attack and release times. The compressor is incredibly easy to use, with only two main controls, GAIN and PEAK REDUCTION and the wonderful sound of the fully discrete signal path and the transformers. It provides transformer balanced input and outputs, VU meter that shows gain reduction or output level, and hardwire bypass switch. It also provides Line I/O XLR and TRS combo connectors and switch for connecting to another unit for stereo operation. The compressor uses external power supply to avoid interaction with the audio circuitry and the transformers.

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Digital Signal Processor

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