MOOER Audiofile

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MOOER Audiofile

Headphone amplifier for pedalboards. The new Mooer Audiofile is a professional headphone amplifier, specifically designed for use with guitar and bass pedalboards. It utilizes an analog Class A amplification circuit that secures the purity, warmth and wide dynamic range of the input signal from your instrument and effects pedals. The Audiofile can be used with either headphones (with mono or stereo input) or in front of your amp as a hi-fi signal booster. Its 100% true bypass and pristine sound will make it become a permanent resident on your pedalboard. Analog Class A amplification circuit, specifically designed for use with guitar and bass pedalboards, can also be used as high-fidelity booster, integrated speaker simulation, control for Master. Power/Bypass toggle switch. Cab Sim toggle switch. Status LED. Bypass footswitch. 6.3 mm TRS Input jack (for mono or stereo operation). 6.3 mm TRS Stereo output jack. 3.5 mm TRS Mix Mono output jack (for stereo output of mono signals). Power supply via optional 9V DC (Mooer PDNW-9V2A-MP) adapter 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm barrel plug, polarity (-) center. Battery operation not supported. Current draw 50 mA. Dimensions: (D x W x H) 94 mm x 42 mm x 52 mm. Weight 150 g

Parametri in specifikacija

Možnost delovanja na baterijo



Master, Power switch, Cab Sim switch


Effect Processor


1x Stereo, 1x Mono

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