Orange O Bass Tear Drop Sunburst

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Orange O Bass Tear Drop Sunburst

The O Bass is the brainchild of Orange Technical Director and lead designer Adrian Emsley, whose inspiration came from his self-confessed love of vintage gear. Having spent a lifetime modifying all manner of bass guitars, the O Bass brings together all of his know-how in a unique and truly charismatic instrument. Aside from its impeccably sleek lines and shapely aesthetics, the O Bass delivers the goods where it really matters. Plugging in reveals a sound with buckets of personality – familiar, yet somehow all of its own. A custom-wound split–coil pickup bears a very distinctive sonic mojo, with a well-balanced bass response and a bold and defined mid-range. Players with a softer touch will immediately find themselves in Motown territory, with earthy overtones in abundance. Dig in a little more aggressively and the O Bass responds with an infectious harmonic grind that harks back to the birth of rock ‘n’ roll. As Emsley puts it, “It growls like a policeman’s dog!”

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Tear Drop Sunburst

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Good bass guitar for recording or home practice. Great tonal range. Too low action but nothing that can't be adjusted.

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