Shure P3TERA-K3E

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Shure P3TERA-K3E

Wireless personal monitor system set include P3RA premium wireless bodypack receiver and P3T PSM300 wireless transmitter. Premium wireless bodypack receiver delivers professional personal monitoring with 24-bit digital audio processing and reliable performance. Rugged, all-metal construction. High-contrast LCD screen with menu-based navigation. 2-band shelving EQ with high and low boost. Volume limiter sets the maximum gain level range for the volume knob. MixMode technology enables adjustment of two independent monitoring mix levels. Stereo mode enables adjustment of left/right balance. Frequency scan and IR sync quickly finds and assigns a clean channel. 2 AA batteries provide up to 7 hours of continuous use. Power and battery status LED. Power save mode preserves battery life when earphones are not connected. Includes zippered bag and 2 AA batteries. Dimensions: 99 x 66 x 23 mm. Weight: 196 g. Colour: Black. Single-channel wireless transmitter offers dependable wireless transmission and 24-bit digital audio processing for a superior personal monitoring mix. Sends a stereo or mono mix wirelessly to performers onstage. Rock-solid wireless connection to PSM300 receivers over a 90 meter range. One-touch IR sync instantly links transmitter to receiver. Up to 30 mW output power (region dependent). Up to 24 MHz tuning range (region dependent). High-contrast LCD screen with left/right audio output meters. Input connectors: 6,3 mm jack. Output connectors: 6,3 mm jack. Includes rack mount and hardware kit, detachable wave antenna, power supply, and user guide. Dimensions: 43 x 198 x 172 mm. Weight: 783 g. Colour: Black. Frekvenčné pásmo: 606-630 MHz

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