T-Rex Moller 2

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T-Rex Moller 2

Moller 2 delivers the same classic overdrive that made it's predecessor one of T-Rex’s most sought-after pedals. Named after Danish guitarist Knud Moller, for whom the original pedal was designed, Moller 2 features a more durable “Bass Boost” toggle switch and easier-to-read control knob graphics. The pedal is armed with a 0-20 db Clean Boost, as well as a Mix control which lets you dial in the perfect balance between distorted and clean signals. Rolled all the way up and with distortion maxed, the pedal sounds just like a vintage tube amp at full volume. Roll the Mix knob back a bit, and your clean signal starts to get through; if you pick lightly or roll back your guitar volume, you get a stunning clean, softly-clipping sound that retains all the feel and dynamics of your original tone, only bigger, louder and richer. The boost function lets you dial in a solo level, whether the overdrive circuit is activated or not.FeaturesClassic bluesy overdriveProvides a wealth of dynamic tonesDial in the perfect balance between overdrive and clean signalIndependent clean boost for your soloStunning bluesy sound with just a little dirt around the edges.

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