JBL Control 1 Pro Compact Speakers Black

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JBL Control 1 Pro Compact Speakers Black

Compact two-way 150W loudspeaker system that features a professional crossover network coupled with professional drivers making it ideal for even the most demanding near-field audio applications. It builds on the proud heritage while incorporating the latest innovations in JBL Professional loudspeaker systems design. With independent, monitor-grade 0.75” high and 5.25” low frequency driver, the loudspeaker’s professional crossover network provides steep slopes for exceptional sonic performance and incorporates full-range SonicGuard overload protection into the design ensuring network and transducer protection from excessive power surges from the amplifier. The rugged and durable moulded enclosure houses magnetically shielded transducers making it ideal for use with video and computer monitors or other magnetically sensitive equipment. Moreover, the unit’s compact design makes it ideal for audio-visual applications, computer workstations, recording and broadcast studios, mobile audio-video control rooms and foreground and background music. The loudspeaker can easily be mounted against a wall or other flat surface with the enclosed brackets or simply used as a bookshelf speaker. Mounting bracket assembly is included. Frequency range: 80 Hz-20 kHz. Frequency response: 100 Hz-18 kHz. Dimensions: 235 x 159 x 143 mm. Weight: 1.8 kg. Black colour. Shown price is for a pair.

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100 - 150 Watt



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